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ICEWEAR Björn Norwegian Lined Sweater

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ICEWEAR Björn Norwegian Lined Sweater


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100% pure Worsted wool sweater jacket
Water-repellent and breathable lining
Fabric: 100% Worsted wool. 3 ply
Almost completely windproof
Zippered neckline
High collar keeps neck warm
The Björn Norwegian Lined Sweater offers a truly dazzling Nordic look for the active outdoorsman. It is knitted from a very warm 3 ply 100% Worsted wool. The sweater is warm. even on a stormy day. and it is almost completely windproof because of its Wind Cutter K-100 lining. The Wind Cutter fabric is also water-repellent and breathable. meaning that moisture can escape but water can''t get in. A high collar shields the wearer''s neck from the wind. with bright red piping that makes it elegantly stylish. A Œ zipper opens at the chest to let in fresh air. or to make room for a warm scarf. There are also two zippered side pockets. The strong contrast between the black. white and red colors in the dotted and geometrical pattern will make any man look stylish in the outdoors.